Bob Reeder the Irish Balladeer

Irish-American musician Bob Reeder is a captivating and versatile performer, entertainer, singer/songwriter and events/music producer. Armed with his 6- and 12-stringed acoustic guitars, banjo, cittern, and Irish Warpipes, Bob has shared his music in pubs from New York to California, from Canada to Mexico on radio interviews and network TV.

Bob's pub show is blended with humor and spontaneous wit, along with rollicking toasts, audience sing-alongs, Irish ballads, rebel songs, limericks, and spontaneous banter on current affairs. 

To spend an evening with him is both fun and thought provoking, traveling down many an old Irish path through hard-driving Irish songs or sensitive, intimate ballads.

Bob's video below is a song close to his heart, dedicated to those who immigrated to America and braved the North Atlantic, as well as those who stuck it out and made Ireland what it is today.  Both are honored and remembered in this video produced from his CD, The Auld Country.

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