Comments About Bob

"Bob is beyond a doubt, the best entertainer I've seen all week."
- Medlin's bartender, Gary Parker

"A true friend and superb musician. Bob continues to uphold all that is fine and true in Irish tradition. All this and he can still hold his liquor!"
- Pete Maher

"A Reeder toast: Here's to Bob Reeder... May his music always bless and teach us all the things we've forgotten about our past."
- Bryan Bogue

"Yes! Yes! Yes! He is food for the soul!"
- Patty Hull

"Bob is the greatest entertainment in K.C.! More importantly, Bob is a fantastic person and we love him - even though he's Irish!"
- John Anthony Picerno

"Little Bob Reeder - a bounty of laughter, a song of harmony and high notes, a loving friend and a treasure for a lifetime."
- Judy Johnson

"I always have a good time watching Bob perform. It is a great mix of traditional Irish music with enough humor in between to break up all the serious stuff and keep everyone involved."
- Marty Gomez

"I am visiting from Salt Lake City and this was one of the funniest nights I have had here on my vacation."
- Ronnie

"In 14 years of knowing Bob, there isn't a single performance of his, that I've attended, that at some point he hasn't given me goose bumps or moved me to tears with his music. A true Bard, his music makes you FEEL, be it laughter, sentiment or poignancy."
- Caitlin McKnelly

"Bob is one of a kind in Kansas City. A must see. A man with a musical mission, Bob is the keeper of Irish tradition. You'll find that he serves up powerful and moving doses of Celtic humor, tragedy, history and social commentary. His performance transforms every audience into two groups: the Irish and those who wish they were! LOVE YOU, BOB!"
- Matt Maples

"In the beginning, there was sound... and it was good! Whether you want to laugh, or cry, or whatever the audience wants. But mind you, it is Bob's guitar and he's more than willing to bring everyone along for the ride. Like many great artists, you can't experience Bob all at once. To be fully appreciated, you must see him live, again and again... And we're always on the quest of the ultimate limerick!"
- Steve Elliott

"Damn Good!"
- Nolan Salmans

"You are a very proud and joyful person. Keep up the good work making people laugh!"
- Arlyn and Sandy

"Very Good Show! Wow!"
- Lisa Sladler

"I will always love you and your show! I'll miss you... See you when you visit Australia."
- Leah Ladeau

"Even though I live in Texas now, I always enjoyed your shows very much. I look forward to seeing you at Medlin's anytime I'm in town."
- Brett Lang

"Caught your act at O'Malley's yesterday. Just one word: GREAT!"
- Kay Lowe

"What can I say to the best...a million Thank You's! I hope you don't mind seeing us more often! You are fantastic!"
- Betty

"Bob is a very dear friend and has given me lots to laugh about in times past when there was not much to laugh about. His show is the best in my humble opinion."
- Micheal McDonough

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