Bob Reeder the Irish Balladeer

Irish-American musician Bob Reeder is a captivating and versatile performer, entertainer, singer/songwriter and events/music producer. Armed with his 6- and 12-stringed acoustic guitars, banjo, cittern, and Irish Warpipes, Bob has shared his music in pubs from New York to California, from Canada to Mexico on radio interviews and network TV.


Opened shows for:

Leo Kotke 
Al Stewart 
Micheal Martin Murphy 
David Alan Coe 
Sawyer Brown 
J.J. Cale 

Just to name a few, and of course, the ever popular Mini Moore... 

Probably the less said the better, but there is more, if you really want to know... 

So now for something completely different; personal stuff: 

Born to an Irish Mother ("just off the boat" as GrandFather ((Pop)) use to say), and a Welsh, Scots-Irish Father. 
The maternal side of the family winds it's way back to Derry in the O'Cahan clan, and soon after that on to County Clare, parrish of Kilballyowen on the Loophead Peninsula (family name changed to O'Kane and then Kane when they got off the boat).     

Bob learned to sing, play, dance, and appreciate music at an early time in life.

There are a lot of articles written about Bob Reeder and even some Youtube performances etc. 

Bob is an avid collector of 19th century Bennington Pottery, spawned by his  
deep interest in history, which probably stems from his fathers side of the family, as they were antique collectors and dealers. 

Bob enjoys woodworking and instrument making.  His website, will be
up and running soon..... ("we'll see" says zen master).  

Bob Served in the U S Navy in the Western Pacific during the Viet Nam War, stationed at the Fleet Intelligence Center Pacific Facility, FICPACFAC, Special Projects. (the bad boys)   

Noteables: Some Famous People who have been to O'Malley's pub to see Bob: Haley Atwell (cousin and movie star); Elizabeth Shue (movie star); Kevin Nealon (movie star, comedian, and a very fine banjo player); The French Air force (40 pilots); The British Army (Northern Ireland); Joel Nichols (TV personality); Kansas City Missouri Mayor Sly James (who really sings great); Randy Miller (radio personality) ---- and more to come as the memory recalls them.

Very Personal Note:  Special thanks to my Daughter, for coming in to see me at O'Dowd's little Dublin on the Plaza. Sorry we didn't get to talk more.  I'm sure there is much more to say.  I hope we can get back together for a reunion.  I'm easy to get in touch with 816 699 9950 or rtreeder@comcast.