The 2015 Irish Music Awards

Where: O'Malley's Pub, Weston, Missouri
When: Last Saturday in January 30th 2016  @3 PM
Last Day for Nominations: November 1
Voting begins: December 1st
Voting ends: January 12th @ 3 PM CST USA
Members Conference: TBA
Admission: No charge for Nominees and/or their representatives.
Full IMA Members admitted free to the Awards Presentation night
(you must present your membership card and be a member in good standing).
Public admission:
Dress code: Clothes required (especially in January). This is not a black tie affair, but if you want to put on the dog, have at it.

Performers for Awards Presentation Night:

After the Awards Presentation:  Session Upper Cellar 6 PM to 8 PM.  Public invited.

About the Award: At a time when it is very easy to go to an awards/trophy shop and pick up a chunk of granite and put someones name on it, the membership of the Irish Music Association has decided to go with awards that are made with art and symbolism. Made by The Irish hand, materials are incorporated that represent the Irish and Ireland. Elements Connamara Marble, Durmast/Sessile White Oak, crystal, secret compartments, and IMA authentication is what makes up this year's Irish Music Award.
(Special thanks to Alan Baker from Walsh's Connemara Marble at Lissoughter for getting the carvings to us on time. Special thanks to Dan Kenslow for his knowledge and hard work in executing the awards assembly.)

Yearly Conference: A yearly conference for our IMA membership to determine policy of the association, the awards, and discussion of Irish music, artists, etc., is held each year before the awards presentation.

Previous Irish Music Awards: The Irish Music Awards are held at O'Malley's Pub in Weston, MO, USA. O'Malley's Pub is sixty feet underground and the most unqiue place you will ever stand a pint. Video of the events are available on line in the IMA store.