Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and close friends of Tommy Makem.
A consummate Irish singer, he will be sorely missed.


I am come of the stock of those who raised their harps
And sang the story of all our people;
The Parthalonians, the Nemedians,
The Formorians, the Firbolg,
The Tuatha de Danaan and the Milesians.
Those seer-singers who filled our souls,
Our minds, our hearts
With guilded pride
In and of the glorious legacy

I charge you now to nourish that legacy,
To revel in it,
To bask in its magnificence.
Accept no diminishing nor revision
Of that culture,
But pass it on enhanced to the generations who follow us,
And the generations yet unborn
Charging them, as I charge you now
To complete the circle.