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Welcome to

We're working on it, but come on in anyway!

All Things Irish
in Kansas City
(and surrounding areas)

In the heart of America, in a town that brings to mind
cattle drives, cowboys and gunslingers, farmers, railroads, and stock yards, Kansas City boasts one of the biggest Irish communities across the United States.

Burgeoning with cultural centers, higher education, museums, major corporations, manufacturing, sports complexes, convention centers, performing arts centers, and more, Kansas City has shed its image as a cowtown and found its way into the twenty-first century with a large Irish population that helped settle the Midwest and nurtured the city to grow.
Kansas City is now one of the top most livable cities in the U.S.

The Irish community has contributed to this
transition in many different ways, from the days of the wild west up to the time of Tom Pendergast and the Harry S. Truman legacy.  Even now, the Irish continue to enhance the city with hard-working people, as well as politicians, priests, attorneys, policemen, firemen, civic-minded city officials, and many proud citizens.
Here's to the Irish and those who have helped
to make Kansas City what it is today.

Don't get the wrong idea about this website.  
We Irish didn't do all this alone.
We had a lot of help.
We, as the Irish of Kansas City, raise our virtual and collective pints to the Germans, the Polish, the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Russians, the Italians, the Sicilians, the Greeks, the Swedes, the Czechs, the African-Americans, the Hispanics, the Welsh,  the Chinese, the Asians, maybe the French, and yes, even the English.
Thanks for all you've done!

Did I mention that Kansas City is very multi-cultural?

We would like to thank the Native Americans for their part, and for showing weatherman Mike Thompson the Tonganoxie split.

Oh yes.
I almost forgot,
thanks to
"Whizzo the Clown"
and "the Tony Dipardo Orchestra."

Remember, everyone is Irish on
St Patricks' Day,
especially in Kansas City!

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